Welcome to Makeshift Press!

We are in our nascent stage of development, but our vision is clear. We are an independent publishing company specializing in rescuing obscure works of fiction and non-fiction from slipping further away from a potential audience. This is the era of Publish-it-Yourself, and we're doing just that. Demand for many books might decrease over the decades, but there's always an audience for even the most esoteric of work. In the information age, access to nearly anything occurs at lightning speed. But the key word here is "nearly." That's where we come in.

You Can Help Foster This Vision

If you're a bibliophile aware of something (public domain or otherwise) that has lapsed into obscurity, and you would like to see it become readily available, please contact us at ajhowells@makeshiftpress.org.

In the meantime

Please check out our upcoming release, The Office: 60th Anniversary Edition, by acclaimed science fiction/mystery writer Fredric Brown. One of Brown's most moving books, his solitary "straight" novel quickly fell out of print sixty years ago.