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science fiction by women (1958-1963)

The Silver Age of Science Fiction saw a wealth of compelling speculative tales — and women authors wrote some of the best of the best. Yet the stories of this era, especially those by women, have been largely unreprinted, unrepresented, and unremembered.

Until now.

Volume one of REDISCOVERY represents a historic first: fourteen selections of the best science fiction of the Silver Age, written by the unsung women authors of yesteryear and introduced by today’s rising stars. Join us and rediscover these lost treasures.

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The Office: 60th Anniversary Edition

Fredric Brown

The loosely autobiographical novel, The Office, Brown's only work of "straight" fiction, was first published in 1958. A pet project of over ten years, it's Brown's most personal, and certainly one of his most moving novels. He completely revised and polished a first draft, unheard of for the prolific author. Unfortunately, because Brown had already established himself as a top-notch mystery and science fiction writer, the novel quickly fell out of print. The past decade has seen a great resurgence in Brown's work; however, fans interested in this unique entry in his bibliography have been turned away by the price of the limited first printing. In October 2018, Makeshift Press made The Office widely available in paperback and ebook with an introduction, newly illustrated cover, list of Brown works currently in print, and an afterword by Brown biographer Jack Seabrook.

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Moral Killing and Other Oxymorons

This is poetry off the cuff, shot from the hip, and written at the spur of the moment. For thirty days, A. J. Howells wrote poetry off the top of his head, culling thoughts both consciously familiar and subliminally foreign. The result is a collection of wildly differing poems, reflective of various moments' thoughts, moods, and subconscious underpinnings. These are jazz improvisations. To borrow a phrase from Shunryu Suzuki, these poems are products of a "beginner's mind," written upon a blank, meditative canvas.

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