Joseph D. Reich’s Aphoristic Variations Trilogy Available Now

During the latter half of 2019, Makeshift Press released The Trouble with Authority, Joseph D. Reich’s cultural study of American madness. The poetic work eviscerated the absurdity of America’s increasingly nihilistic landscape.

It’s now 2020, and that nihilistic landscape has turned viscerally self-destructive. Expanding upon The Trouble with Authority‘s cross-genre exploration of the depths of human growth and development, Reich spits his venom once more, leaving no stone unturned: family dysfunction, abnormal psychology, parapsychology, existentialism, linguistics, and the psycho-dynamics of the fragile human condition.

His missives are equally tinted by philosophy and sociology, creating a surrealistic guide that is sure to strike a chord with both cynics and the endangered optimists, or simply anyone—which is to say everyone—leading lives of “quiet desperation.”

Volume I: The Trouble with Authority

Volume II: Anatomical Sketches of the Misunderstood

Volume III: Playing House