Joseph D. Reich’s The Trouble With Authority Available Now!

Makeshift Press’ first release of full-length poetry is now available in paperback and eBook! Find out more information and order your copy here. Additionally, check out Xi Draconis Books’ interview with the author.

Eclecticism defines the work of prolific author Joseph D. Reich. His upcoming release, The Trouble with Authority, is a cross-genre exploration plumbing the depths of human growth and development. He leaves no stone unturned, touching upon family dysfunction, abnormal psychology, parapsychology, existentialism, linguistics, and the psycho-dynamics of the fragile human condition. The absurdity of America’s increasingly nihilistic social landscape is Reich’s poetic tapestry. His missives are equally tinted by philosophy and sociology, creating a surrealistic guide that is sure to strike a chord with both cynics and optimists, or simply anyone—which is to say everyone—leading lives of “quiet desperation.”